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Nebula — My favorite channels as of March 2024

Updated: at 12:58 AM

I’ve been a Nebula subscriber since May 2021, about 2 years after the service launched and about three years before the writing of this article. In that time, it’s become my preferred platform for finding and watching independently-produced videos. I still frequent YouTube to discover new channels and follow some that aren’t part of Nebula, but one of the first things I do after smashing that subscribe button is check if they are also on Nebula.

If you are a new subscriber to Nebula, it’s likely you joined because you liked the idea of watching one or two of your favorite YouTubers without ads, or maybe because they told you about some Nebula-exclusive content that you couldn’t live without. Once you’re there, though, it might be tricky to decide which of the more than 175 channels you want to check out next.

The following list is not meant to represent the “best” of Nebula. These are the channels that I currently watch and enjoy the most, and if you are like me (and I know I am), you might like them too.

Non-Disclaimer: The links below are not affiliate links, and they do not contain tracking information of any king. I receive no compensation you click them or if you decide to subscribe. I also have not been compensated by Nebula for this article in any way.

Top Picks

These first few channels are my absolute favorites. I watch almost every video on these channels as soon as they come out.

Patrick (H) Willems

Patrick H. Willems deserves my first mention because he is the reason I subscribed to Nebula in the first place. His immaculately produced videos span topics including best-of lists, exhaustively researched career retrospectives, and short films of his own. The writing of the essays is insightful, with solid thematic through-lines that keep even potentially dry topics interesting.

In 2019, Willems began framing all of his episodes with narrative segments. They related only loosely to the content of the essays, but collectively they told a continuing story that would come to be known as “The Charl Saga”. The story ran until May 2021, then Willems announced that the series finale would be in the form of a full-length movie — available exclusively on Nebula. I signed up immediately and never looked back. (I had mostly lost interest in The Charl Saga by the time the movie was released more than a year later.)


In a certain corner of YouTube, and the internet in general, Hbomberguy needs no introduction. He first made a name for himself in the mid-2010s with videos debunking and hilariously mocking prominent alt-right YouTubers, and with provocatively unpopular — but well-argued — opinions about video games (for example: Fallout 3 is Garbage (And Here’s Why)).

Today, he is best known for his long form investigations into topics both important and trivial. His videos are often released months apart, but they are worth the wait. His latest, an exposé about plagiarism on YouTube, was so thorough and definitive that it ended the career of at least one famous YouTuber and seriously damaged a few others. That video was nearly 4 hours long, yet it held my attention for the entire run time (though I admit I had to watch it across several sittings).

Maggie Mae Fish

Maggie Mae Fish does critical analysis of movies and television, focusing on the ways that gender, sexual identity, race and socioeconomics have shaped and continue to shape the media landscape. That may sound dry and academic, but it never feels that way thanks to Fish’s charismatic screen presence, excellent writing, and humor.


The Filmjoy channel includes several series and creators, but the headliner is “Movies with Mikey”. For 10 years now, Mikey Neumann has been producing videos about movies and the movie industry that are saturated with a personality that is mostly Neumann’s, but also feels like it belongs to the series in a way that transcends its creator.

I’m not going to call out any specific videos for Filmjoy for two reasons. First, they are all good. Second, many of my actual favorites are about “controversial” movies and filmmakers, and I don’t want anyone to be turned off by an opinion they disagree with before giving the channel a chance. Look through the list of videos and pick one that sounds interesting to you. Then do that again, because you’ll definitely want to after the first one.

The following channels are listed in no particular order, and range from occasional watches to favorites of mine that I don’t recommend to everyone.